Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Spells

These are the lyrics for the song 'Christmas Spells' Which I premiered at Carnegie Hall Dec. 10 in the McGarrigle/Wainwright Christmas Hour. I will be writing more in the coming days but I wanted to put them up as today is the Winter Solstice...

Christmas Spells

I hear the bells from the Cathedral
the snow is falling all around
the people smile as they are singing
of babes and angels heaven bound

But was has this to do with living
a life of peace and God's delight?
Could Baby Jesus in his Manger
foresee the hate sprung from that night?

In many ways I love this story
of stars and shepherds, three wise men
of hallelujahs in the heavens
and angels radiant on the wind

But many people who believe it
have turned its magic upside down
they've formed themselves into an army
that bruises love and knocks it down

So Christmas isn't all it should be
I stand outside it looking in
their hate, dispassion, falseness could be
the deeper, darker side of sin

But as the winter days grow shorter
and fairies gather in the night
they sing their Christmas spells together
to bring the world back into light

Sing prayers for all the righteous people
so sure that they are heaven bound
if God is Love then let's get loving
I'd like a little on the ground

So Blessed Be and Merry Christmas
let Christmas Spells ring out again
of Heaven, Heart and Earth together
so mote it be, shalom, amen.

c. 2008 Justin Bond


dps said...

Thank you so much for posting these lyrics. This song was incredibly moving when I saw you perform it at the Abrons Art Center. It speaks the truth for so many of us so eloquently, that I felt like you had looked inside my heart when you wrote it. You're truly a wonder. Happy solstice!

Sundown said...

Thanks for the lyrics! I was lucky enough to hear you sing this at Carnegie and the Knitting Factory and was absolutely blown away! Totally fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

Time for a status udpate Mr. Bond. You haven't written a word here since last year! I would be interested in videotaping you singing "Christmas Spells" with the pianist of your show before you strike the set this weekend. Let me know if you're in to it.